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A Walnut Cabinet in the making

This commission is of a piece of furniture made from English Walnut.

This photograph shows the timber I used to create the piece in walnut. I specifically chose these two pieces of board because they are from the same tree, and consecutive slices, thus allowing me to produce something that is called book-matched. Book-matching is the practice of matching two wood surfaces, so that the two adjoining surfaces mirror each other in appearance, thus giving the impression of an open book. The two surfaces have almost the same figure, but mirrored. The final effect varies depending on the figure and grain of the wood.

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Project cannon carriage

Having been asked to commission this replica of a historic canon carriage, I was keen to start as this was not something I had ever been asked to do before. Recreating this carriage and following the footsteps of how Spanish craftsmen worked was an inspiration to me, and a unique and interesting project.

A fleet of Spanish ships called the Armada was trying to escape from the British ships and because of this the Spanish were forced to return home by going around the British Isles to the North and Scotland. It was the Scottish weather that got the better of the Spanish in 1588 and ships were lost on the western side of Scotland, which was where this canon was found and retrieved from the wreck of the Portencross.

The first job was to decide the actual original dimensions. As you can see this was no easy feat as this is what needed replicating.


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