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John Chivers makes furniture, not just any furniture, but furniture which oozes quality and good taste from every piece of timber used. You can only achieve this by being close to the countryside and working with wood from an early age, something which John has done.

John has lived and worked in Gloucestershire for most of his life, and enjoys the rural life. Before leaving school he worked in a farming community where he learnt many invaluable skills, and during this time, worked with his great uncle making gates and stiles.

Over the years skills were learnt, working in the early years totally by hand. Hand sawing planks of wood, with his uncle, sharpening saws so as to keep the cutting speed to a maximum. After sawing the wood, it was hand-planed, making it both flat and square. Becoming accurate with the saw was paramount for keeping hand-planing to a minimum and it was a lesson well learned.

Throughout his teenage years John continued to make timber products. He then went in to engineering and achieved a Higher National Diploma in mechanical engineering. However, after leaving full-time education he realised that engineering was not for him and at this point went back to his first love - furniture making. Although his skills, learnt in engineering and within the agriculture industry was invaluable it was his engineering experience which taught him accuracy and his fine hand- crafted furniture shows this.

John Chivers built his first workshop using reclaimed Cotswold stone, in 1997, where machines were installed which eliminated all the hard work of sawing and hand-planing. The first workshop was quickly outgrown and he then moved to larger premises, with better access and buildings to dry his own stock of timbers. Here he enjoys the views of the Severn estuary and the Malvern hills in the distance – there could be no better place for an artist with wood to gain inspiration, for surely that is what John Chivers is, an artist.

John Chivers has hand-crafted many unique commissions for the discerning customer. He has since worked as far north as Scotland and as far South as Cannes, in the South of France, where he spent several months working and learning the French language. He has used his engineering and knowledge of wood to produce beautiful wooden products from fine furniture to water wheels.

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